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BDSM (German)
Kinkygirl Cristal

Kinkygirl Cristal

Its Cristal Clear, Cristal Kinky is a 100% kinkygirl. Not 100% dominant and not 100% submissive… Cristal Kinky.

„I have a erotic approach to the world of BDSM and Kink. This world has gifted me with a wide variety of possibilities to live out my sexual fantasies. I believe in the combination of sex, kink and BDSM. I do not believe in scripts, but in flows and heat of the moment. In power exchange, sultriness, and mystery. I do not believe in yelling, screaming and humiliation. I will tell you what I demand of you with my touch, my eyes and my body language. It speaks more than a thousand words“

(W) Cristal Kinky – Meesteressen-Benelux

(W) Cristal Kinky