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Dutch Dominas
Hotel date

Hotel date

A glorious morning in The Hague, the legal capital of the Netherlands. Vauit my Hotel in the center of The Hague, I walked to the beautiful court pond and the nice restaurants, terraces near the Mauritshuis. After some nice shopping I went back to the beautiful hotel in the center, I needed this after a few hectic weeks of work.

Coming to my room, I found the message from a good friend. „Reem how was your day? Remember my tip? Oh yes I certainly remembered, he had told me about his fantastic meeting with Mistress CoCo from The Hague. The visit to this hotel and the special evening with Mistress CoCo.

Would I dare to call this lady as well. I make quick decisions and also today. Her number +31 – 06 3743 2032, I had quickly found and after a short conversation with an eloquent, full friendly voice I had made the appointment.
22.00 punctually there was a knock on the door and I tensely opened the door. Wow, a beautiful some Arabic traits, dark hair and what a beautiful smile. „Hello Reem may I come in?…. All I saw was her dark eyes and stammering I heard myself stifling saying …. Yes… Mistress.

It was not my first Hotel date…. But I was really impressed by the natural beauty of this woman.

In a natural way Mistress CoCo stepped into the room and turned around right in front of me, automatically I took her coat. And saw the dark eyes and smile with underneath a latex covered body and boots. Completely enchanted by her charisma I missed for a moment that she had taken something out of her bag and felt her nail under my chin, and saw the long whip in her hand.

I heard a whispering, warm voice „take off your robe and panties, Reem. I want to take a look at you. The coat and panties were quickly off and I stood up proudly.