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Ex pornstar Mistress?

Mistress Mandy Slim aca Mistress Milana is a young Dutch pornstar.

Winning the XXXaward in 2004 the Dutch blonde Goddess became a famous pornstar. The story of a award winning ex pornstar.

How did you know at the age of 18 what to do on a porn set? Mandy shrugs her shoulders. I was precocious. She traveled to France for her first spicy film. Because she ‚really wasn’t going to work in the Netherlands‘. She wasn’t crazy. Soon a friend or family member would see the film. This ‚precaution‘ did not have the desired effect. Within two days after the film appeared, she was spotted by dozens of acquaintances. Among them Mandy’s boyfriend. He stayed with her, under one condition: she had to hand in half of everything she deserved to him. Mandy Slim did well what he asked.

One film later, everyone really knew she was in porn. From the neighbor to her father. The latter found out because someone pushed a film under his nose. „Hey, that’s your daughter, isn’t it? The best man almost had a heart attack and it took a year before he could look at Mandy Slim again. Fortunately, the bond between father and daughter has been restored, and the wrong boyfriend has been dumped.

Nowadays webcammen is Mandy’s only source of income. She’s done with porn. Not because she is tired of ‚business sex‘. I can easily turn a button, am an exhibitionist and enjoy the attention I get during a turning day. But the fear of STIs keeps her from continuing with this sport, even though porn actors are regularly tested. I’m especially terrified of getting cervical cancer.

Mandy’s health is more important than porn, and she has achieved her ultimate goal anyway. In 2014 Mandy Slim won the XXX Awards. She was allowed to call herself porn star of the year for twelve months. In that time the money flowed in. Mandy lived as a god in France. I did everything by cab,“ she says. She also spent a lot of money on her looks. She bought ’new tits‘, had her lips sprayed and went off with botox.

Mandy licks her fingers and looks sultry into the camera. She plays with her breasts. That’s as far as I go. At least: not in the general chat room. If you want to see more Mandy, you have to pay more. Isn’t that logical? I nod. ‚Shall we go VIP?‘ someone asks. „That’s all right, honey,“ says Mandy. In the VIP the customer pays the quadruple rate: 4 euros per minute, of which the webcamgirl gets a percentage.

Mandy likes to play role-playing games during private sessions: mistress, schoolgirl, army-girl, she has a different suit for each role. Mandy is above all a welcome domina. She humiliates slaves and submissive guys every day. Wears them to hurt themselves and laughs at the sight of their penis. Yuck, what a rancid little dick. And so small too. I’d be ashamed if I were you. It’s only 4 euros a minute.

Do you ever regret your career choice?‘ I ask while Mandy is updating her makeup. She thinks. Yes and no. I had a great time, but sometimes I worry about my future. I don’t have a degree or work experience. I can even forget about a hospitality job. There is always a customer who recognizes me.‘ And well, webcamming is fine work, but she can’t keep doing it forever. Do you know what seems delicious to me? Mandy keeps a makeup brush in the air. This, make-up. What a soothing job that must be.‘

And later in 2019 Mandy dicided to become a professional Mistress!

So you are a dirty slave? Who does everything for his goddess? I like to humiliate slaves by dominating. I do foot fetish, trampling, humiliating, spit in your face, spanking, electro, I love to destroy your anus while being spoiled with money and gifts. Do you dare?

Mistress Mandy Slim

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