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The ultimate session

During my work visit to The Hague, I was in need of a fun diversion. Someone had passed me a phone number of a Mistress. „You should really do it sometime.“ Doubting whether to go to bed or call, my curiosity won out. A pleasant voice on the other end of the line, decisively asked me if I was ready […]

It’s Bizarre…

A bizarre mix of intelligence, challenge, sadism, beauty, class and kink. That’s bizarre, Mistress Bizarre. This natural beauty, wrapped in latex, makes men defenseless to the fascinating SM game of Mistress Bizarre.

Political City

Is there a link between SM and politics? There is a certain similarity, Power. Politics is about power, as is SM. Another similarity is that some men with power like to be dominated by a Mistress, domina. In the political capital of the Netherlands, The Hague, there is plenty to do in the field of SM. More about the Hague