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The dominance of

The dominance of Mistress Raphaella in studio SM Art. Mistress Raphaela – Goddess with long blond hair I will use you with the weapons of my dominance. A diabolical mixture of dominant consequence and lustful arousal. I will capture you with your desire in my world of pleasure and pain. more about Mistress Raphaella

The ultimate session

During my work visit to The Hague, I was in need of a fun diversion. Someone had passed me a phone number of a Mistress. „You should really do it sometime.“ Doubting whether to go to bed or call, my curiosity won out. A pleasant voice on the other end of the line, decisively asked me if I was ready […]

German Herrin

A German Herrin in the Redlight District of Antwerpen? If you are looking for that one just a little bit different Mistress, just a little more sadistic, just a little bit meaner, then Mistress Herrin Yasmine in Antwerp is the right place for you. (W) more about Herrin Yasmine

It’s a Badgirl

Yes it’s a Badgirl, taking all of you, this beautifull Badgirl. Are you looking for a young and sexy Mistress, who with her charisma, kinky manner and dominant vein very skillfully drives all men crazy and enjoys it? Before whose elegance and perfection, beauty and eroticism you would kneel down from the first sight? I will make you with great […]

Former Police Officer

An ex-police officer has revealed how she spent seven years moonlighting as a dominatrix after being inspired by sex workers and prostitutes she met on the job. Former police commissioner Sarah Keller from Duisburg, Germany, was rising through the ranks when, in 2011, she attended a fetish party with a close friend and became instantly fascinated by the world of […]