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Ex pornstar Mistress?

Yes this award winning XXX pornstar became a stunning Mistress. Mistress Mandy Slim is active in the Netherlands. So you are a dirty slave? Who does everything for his goddess? I like to humiliate slaves by dominating. I do foot fetish, trampling, humiliating, spit in your face, spanking, electro, I love to destroy your anus while being spoiled with money […]

It’s Bizarre…

A bizarre mix of intelligence, challenge, sadism, beauty, class and kink. That’s bizarre, Mistress Bizarre. This natural beauty, wrapped in latex, makes men defenseless to the fascinating SM game of Mistress Bizarre.

Latex Mistress

Did you ever had a session with your Mistress packed in Latex? Visit this very sexy London Mistress in the center of London. I am Mistress Terra, an exotic, powerful being that will bewitch you like you have never witnessed in your life. Many powerful men have succumbed to my lustrous temptation and have described me as a supreme being […]

Former Police Officer

An ex-police officer has revealed how she spent seven years moonlighting as a dominatrix after being inspired by sex workers and prostitutes she met on the job. Former police commissioner Sarah Keller from Duisburg, Germany, was rising through the ranks when, in 2011, she attended a fetish party with a close friend and became instantly fascinated by the world of […]